Mistakes You Will Fall Victim To When You Do Not Enlist Professional Carpet Cleaning

Since carpets are commonplace in a majority of homes and have been for decades on end, some homeowners assume that cleaning their carpets will be a walk in the park. Simply pour water on the carpet, add some soap, scrub, rinse and leave it out in the open to dry, right? Wrong. Opting for DIY carpet cleaning increases the chances of your ruining your carpet and making it worse off than when it was simply filthy. Moreover, you also increase the likelihood of introducing pathogens in your home with improper carpet cleaning. To expound further on this, here are the mistakes that you can fall victim to when you do not enlist professional carpet cleaning.

Excessive moisture

Water is critical for carpet cleaning. However, this does not mean that the moisture will not damage the carpet. Depending on the fibres that your carpet is made from, drenching it in water could cause it to shrink irreversibly. Thus, your carpet is no longer of use to you. In other cases, excessive water will make it hard for the carpet to dry completely. As a result, you bring the carpet back into your home while it is still damp and subsequently create a conducive environment for mould growth. Hence, your home becomes infested with these spores and this necessitates additional expenses in the form of mould remediation. Not to mention that too much water could change the colour of your carpet and it would lose its lustre. Professional carpet cleaners, conversely, typically employ hot water extraction and other cleaning methods that will not leave the carpet soaked in water, and this eliminates all the above-mentioned risks.

Excessive scrubbing

Another mistake that people make when engaging in DIY carpet cleaning is applying as much force as possible, especially with those unsightly, stubborn stains. Although elbow grease will help in getting rid of the stains that have absorbed into the fibres, the excessive scrubbing also ends up damaging said fibres. For starters, you stand the chance of unravelling the fibres and leaving a knotted mess on the surface of your carpet. In addition to this, the friction can also loosen the pile from the backing, so it will only be a matter of time before the entire carpet comes apart. Professional carpet cleaners, on the other hand, have both the expertise and equipment to ensure that no harm comes to the carpet. Not only is the dirt gently extracted from the fibres, but the backing and pile are also left intact. Thus, for the sake of the longevity of your carpet, it is best to invest in professional carpet cleaning.

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