2 cleaning tips to keep in mind if you want to arrange an in-office party for your staff

If you like to organise parties in your office for your staff in order to celebrate work-related milestones, staff birthdays or occasions like Christmas, you could find the cleaning tips described here to be helpful.

Have your office cleaners to do some extra tidying during their last shift before the party

The standard level of service that most office cleaners provide usually only includes a small amount of tidying-up; this may include tasks like moving used mugs and other clutter off the office desks so that they can wash or dust these surfaces, or returning the teabags, coffee jars and sugar containers back to the drink-making station in the office canteen. However, if possible, you should get the office cleaning crew to do a bit of extra tidying during their final work shift before the party. More specifically, you should have them do things like put the keyboards on each desk into the desk drawers and move any large potted plants away from the party area.

The reasons for this are as follows; firstly, making sure that the office looks as tidy as possible will, in combination with some decorations, lighting and good food, help to make the event feel like a 'real' party, even though it is being hosted in the workplace. Secondly, if you will be serving alcohol at your office party, then it's best to ensure that any breakable items (like the aforementioned keyboards and potted plants) are put out of the way, as this will ensure that any tipsy revellers at the event do not knock over these things during the celebrations.

Talk to the cleaning crew about the amount of post-party clean-up work you want them to do

Your office will probably be quite messy after the party. It's important to talk to your office cleaning crew about how much of this mess you would like them to handle. For example, if you yourself won't have much time to whip your premises back into shape after the party, you might need to ask the cleaning team to not only throw out the used paper plates, cups and napkins, and hoover up the party confetti and food scraps, but to also take down and throw out any disposable party decorations (such as the balloons, paper bunting, tinsel garlands, etc.) that were on display at the party.

If you need them to take care of this task, you should inform them of this in advance and specify the exact additional fee that they will receive for this extra cleaning service. If they agree to do this, you may need to provide them with some equipment to ensure they can do this work safely (such as a stepladder if they need to remove banners or disco balls from the ceiling, for example).