Two things that bakery owners often forget to tell their cleaners

Due to how important it is for bakery owners to keep their premises sanitary, they will usually enlist commercial cleaning experts to help them with this part of running their business. Here are two vital things that these businesspeople tend to forget to tell their commercial cleaners when they use their services.

To use cleaning products with sweet, dessert-like scents

One thing that a lot of bakery owners fail to mention to their commercial cleaners is to use cleaning products with scents that are sweet and that are associated with dessert foods (such as strawberry, vanilla, cherry or almond, for example). Whilst this may seem insignificant, not using cleaning products with these scents has the potential to detrimentally affect a bakery's popularity and profits. The reason for this is as follows; scent plays a crucial role in the success of a baker's enterprise. The smell of freshly-baked pastries, pies, cream cakes and bread wafting around a bakery and through its open door not only entices people into this shop but also stimulates their appetite and encourages them to treat themselves to some of the bakery's freshly-prepared goods.

If a bakery owner neglects to tell their cleaner to use sweetly-scented cleaning products, and the cleaner ends up using, for instance, a tea tree or eucalyptus-scented item, the smell of these products might mask the scent of the baked goods in the shop. Furthermore, although these scents can be quite nice, they are not strongly associated with food and are unlikely to help whet the appetite of anyone who visits the bakery. Sweet-scented products, on the other hand, will complement the delicious aromas produced by the baked goods in the bakery and help to induce hunger pangs in those who visit the shop.

To sweep up crumbs instead of hoovering them

A big part of cleaning a bakery will consist of getting rid of all of the crumbs produced by the preparation of the bread and cake-based goods. However, far too many bakers forget to tell their cleaners to sweep up these crumbs instead of hoovering them up. This is a mistake because if these crumbs of fresh bread and cake are left to sit in the hoover bag for a month or so (i.e. the length of time it might take for the bag to be full enough to need emptying), they will become mouldy.

When the cleaner then goes to throw this bag into the bakery's bin (or empty out its contents into the bin, if it is reusable) some of the mould spores from the bread could be fired into the air. These spores could land on any fresh ingredients or prepared baked goods that are close to this bin, which could then make these items inedible. Conversely, if the cleaner sweeps up these crumbs, they can dispose of them immediately, and there will then be no risk of them getting mouldy and contaminating the bakery's food items.

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