Carpet Invaders That Professional Cleaning Services Help You Eradicate

A clean carpet gives your office a homely feeling due to the cosiness and warmth it brings. A dirty carpet kills your business slowly, and the damage can be a lot by the time you realise it. A clean carpet is more inviting and welcoming and boosts the aesthetics of your office in a big way. A carpet collects dust and dirt, which is hard to avoid. So be psychologically prepared that toxic allergens, germs, bacteria and other micro-organisms will hide deep in the carpet. The usual vacuuming you do won't eradicate these carpet invaders; only professional carpet cleaning will do. Here are some of the uninvited guests or carpet invaders that professional cleaners help you eliminate.

Bacteria, Mould and Mildew

A damp and warm carpet creates an environment that favours mildew and mould growth. Someone may spill something without you knowing. By the time you discover that your carpet was left damp, the mould has already started to grow on it. Bacteria thrive in millions on a dirty carpet. You should mop up and dry the spills on the carpet quickly before they get to the carpet fibres and become food for mould and bacteria. Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli and Salmonella species can stay unnoticed in your carpet and cause illness in your family.

Hair and Dander

Did you know that pets and humans shed a lot of skin and hair on the carpet each year? You may not have known it since these particles are microscopic. The skin and hair, also known as dander, attract dust mites, fleas and ticks to your carpet. With dander as their food source, these insects grow and thrive in your carpet, and you only think about it when the carpet is heavily infested. The regular vacuuming you do will reduce the amount of dander on the carpet, but it can hardly eradicate all these things.

Tiny, Irritating Insects

Some of the insects that lounge or lurk in your carpet are microscopic and they cause severe irritation. Fleas jump from the carpet and bite your legs and feet. The bites cause skin rashes and irritation, and they also look unsightly on your skin. Sprays will kill bed bugs, fleas and dust mites, but they won't be as effective if you don't keep the carpet clean. Dust mites are mostly found on the faeces and skin particles on the carpet. If you don't get professional cleaners to clean the carpet, these particles cause allergies and respiratory issues when inhaled.

So what should you do? It's simple. Let professional cleaners work on your dirty carpet regularly to keep all the above carpet invaders away. Hot water extraction is among the effective methods professional cleaners use to eradicate allergens, grime, dirt and bacteria from your carpet. They also know the natural techniques to use to dry your carpet quickly.

For more information, contact a carpet cleaning company.