How to Select the Perfect Commercial Cleaning Agent

If you are planning on replacing your commercial cleaning supplies, you should explore the market before making your decision. Often, office managers and business owners choose cleaning supplies based on general popularity and cost. Unfortunately, these factors do not reflect the effectiveness or the benefits of a cleaning agent. It is important to make an objective examination of available products to ensure that your office is cleaned properly while avoiding negative effects. Here are crucial guidelines for cleaning agent selection.

Consider Your Safety

You should prioritise the safety of your employees, your customers and the environment. Commercial cleaning products are chemicals which are intended to eliminate pathogens and keep heavy-use surfaces sparkling. Therefore, it is not uncommon to find strong chemicals which can cause some harm in the formulation. If you would like to promote safety, you should opt for eco-friendly products. These are made using chemicals with minimal toxicity and without persistence in the surroundings after use. In addition, consider cleaning solutions with hypoallergenic properties.

Check the Concentration

It is advisable to look at the concentration or strength of cleaning agents before purchase. In general, high concentration products are favoured because they have more impact and longer-lasting results. However, if you are interested in using such high strength solutions, you must consider the type of surfaces you intend to clean. If a floor that is made of a lightweight material like laminate is exposed to corrosive acidic or alkaline cleaners, the damage may be permanent. You can avoid these issues by choosing a light-duty product or ensuring that the cleaning crew understands optimal dilution for specific surfaces.

Evaluate the Effectiveness

You should check on the effectiveness of the cleaning agents on the market for your needs. In simple terms, it is critical to make certain that a specific solution will help you realise your goal. Keep in mind that different products produce different results. For instance, bleaching solutions are perfect for keeping tiles bright and clean. However, they might not be suitable for carpeted areas with coloured fibres. If you are looking for a product for office toilets, a good disinfectant is more beneficial than regular detergent.

Read the Instructions

Finally, you should check the instructions outlined for your preferred commercial cleaning agent. There are different methods for using cleaning products, and this aspect will determine their suitability for your premises. For instance, some solutions need to sit for a while for the best results. Such products might not be ideal for your building if cleaning is necessary during business hours.